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Limited Tickets Remaining

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Welcome to the Matariki Weekend Mega Conference!

A battleground where God meets His Mighty. A place where you and your comrades will be forever changed!


As the Army of God, we hold the frontline, raising the banner high for this nation. We gather to engage intimately, mobilizing and unleashing our gifts, proclaiming this battle belongs to the Lord!

A hidden revelation is about to be unveiled to the Firstborn sons as we advance, tearing down decaying systems and dismantling old church structures. We will deliver New Zealand back to its people and restore its founding faith.

Psalm 82:1 declares, "God stands in the congregation of the mighty... He judges among the gods."   Verse 6, "I said, ‘You are gods...’"



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Event Details



Friday 28th June - Sunday 30th June 2024




Destiny Church 25 Druces Road, Wiri, Auckland

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