Julie Nohe shares her truth.

"I can confidently say I am an overcomer of rape and sexual abuse. I am free from the addiction to drugs and alcohol. I have been set free from the prison of my mind, and my identity has been restored."

From five years old, I remember daily h...

The Transformation of Kathy Ansin

The abuse and violence I experienced as a child, really messed with my head and gave me a twisted idea of what love was, and also of men. The men in my life had either abused me or left me. I was raped, by a family member, repeatedly be...

This is the story of Tracie Mahia

Everyone knew everyone else in the town where I grew up - life was slow, easy and familiar. I was the youngest girl in a large family and my parents were well known.

My parents were quite progressive and hospitable, we were the first in...

"People are searching for a stronger person to connect with. "

Karen Gerrie has lived in Porirua for most of her life, this is her story.

"I have never heard my parents tell me that they love me or are proud of me. But in their own way, I’m sure they do. During my c...

This is Te Manu Heke's story.

“I was just another broken child in a broken generational cycle of poverty and pain.”

I grew up, in and out of Respite Care, and spent time in a Boys’ home in the Hawkes Bay. I never experienced living with two parents. I was raised by a sol...

This is the story of Grant Douglas.

Memories have Teeth

My memory of my father was when he made me stand in the garage and watch him put a shotgun to his head; then he blew himself away.

I remember the smell of the shot and the sight of his body. There was so much blood....

I am Billy #kingkorewha. I am a game changer.

How it was

I come from gangsters. I’m named after my Dad. He was a founding member of one of the first Black Power chapters in the Pukekohe area in the 1970’s.

My childhood was lonely – I had five older brothers and one sister...


I remember when I was young, noticing how Mum and Dad would take themselves away after dinner time. They’d go down to the wash house and close the hallway door; we weren’t allowed to go down there.

“I remember being in 3rd form, and wagging school one day to g...

In Rachael Taylor's opinion, Oranga Tamariki is a corrupt system, "they have no soul. No mana. No integrity in what they do."

This is her story.


My time in the system began December 21, 2016 when my three children were forcibly uplifted from my care. The experienc...

The story of Isabelle Apulu.

My earliest memory is standing alone, staring at a window, wearing nothing but a nappy. I had been taken by my birth mother and placed into a Church run children’s home in Manurewa when I was 3 years old. I stayed at the home until I was 7.


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