Conference 2020 - Seated Youth ( 16 - 18 )   



Friday 10th, Saturday 11th + Sunday 12th July 2020

Get Ready, Get Ready!

On the 10th of July, the trumpets will sound across the Nation declaring “Freedom to all throughout the land. This is the acceptable year of the Lord”

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When King David called all the Tribes of Israel to gather in Zion to plan and strategize the great advance of the Kingdom of God, they came in great force. When they brought their Families, their Children were well aware of the occasion.

As the Bible says “Like the armies of Heaven” they came in strength and power. With their skills well-honed, bodies fit, mind clear, spirit sharp and the assignment laser focussed. They had with them their weapons of warfare and heaps of gold and money. 


Conference 2020 - Youth (16-18 Old)