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Destiny School and Destiny College are part of the unique vision of Destiny Education.

Destiny Education is in the formative years of producing a model of quality education from zero to tertiary years that combines academic excellence, vocational skills with a strong character based curriculum at all levels.

Destiny School opened in 2003 with nine foundation pupils and a staff of two, the realization of a dream for visionaries Bishop Brian and Pastor Hannah Tamaki. We have had a rewarding journey over the last seven years, as we have seen our students flourish both academically and in character.  The result is young people who are self-assured, confident learners excited about their future.

Destiny School and Destiny College enrolments are supported by a committed community of multicultural families.

We attribute the success of this learning model to our vital school / whanau partnership, the pursuit of academic excellence and our unique character curriculum - a philosophy of learning and teaching practice that holistically addresses all domains of development; intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. Our goal is to produce men and women of character who will be sought after in their chosen field, the obvious choice for any position of responsibility in the community.

These are the essential skills we believe students must develop to achieve this:

  • Spiritual Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • The ability to communicate

  • Teamwork

  • Problem Solving / Adaptability

  • A solid grounding in Literacy / Numeracy

  • Competent in Information Technology

To find out more about Destiny School contact

School Reception: 09 5277 312 Or Email

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