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The Difference of Destiny.

This is Tiffany Lowrie's Story.

Before Destiny

I lived my life in shallow conversations and dressed myself and my family in money and success. Appearances were very important to me and I didn’t like weakness in myself.

I deliberately hid my hurt and dysfunction and used to blame God for every wrong thing in the world. It was never me – always everyone else’s fault.

My Catholic upbringing and schooling led me to believe that God was not very interested in everyday life. My parents taught me self-discipline, to work hard and get a good education. Church to me was ritual and routine.

I knew there was something good in it all, but I just couldn’t connect.

I do remember praying to God, mostly I was angry at him and blamed him for all the disappointments, hurt and wrong. I wanted him to fix the problems I saw in the world.

Why God? Why?!

My parents’ divorce shook me, and I questioned the importance of getting married at all - Why? My young cousin was killed tragically in a car accident - Why? I was sexually molested by a family member and then kept it a secret - Why? My relationships failed and I was betrayed - Why?

I ranted and raged at God, believing him to be unable to help, and distant to the real-world problems that my family and I were going through.

Change was Coming

My partner was an alcoholic. We were a blended family with three young children, living together in a de-facto relationship. We had a successful but stressful business, and we were on a fast spiral down. Addiction. Denial. Dysfunction.

We were the great pretenders, dressed up by success and money. We were outwardly awesome but inwardly falling apart.

My husband rang the church number, listed on the website, and the receptionist answer