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The Power to Change my Normal

I am Billy #kingkorewha. I am a game changer.

How it was

I come from gangsters. I’m named after my Dad. He was a founding member of one of the first Black Power chapters in the Pukekohe area in the 1970’s.

My childhood was lonely – I had five older brothers and one sister and was raised by a single Mum. My siblings were mostly gone by the time I was ten. Two of my older brothers both became patched members and I followed suit. I was a menace to society. It was like our culture; we were raised in it - the raised fist.

I had nobody to guide, or direct me in my life, or in how to stay positive. Mum tried to introduce us to church but wasn’t consistent. Life was tough. I had to teach myself how to be streetwise, how to cook and live at home and care for myself.

When I was about six or seven years old, we were on a holiday at my Nana’s homestead. Dad was living there too. I remember me and three of my brothers in my Dad’s bedroom. I didn’t realise it at the time, but I wondered why he would have his pants down. I was told later that he was molesting my brothers and I saw it happen. This experience and knowledge caused me a long struggle with sexual perversion, toward myself, my partner and in how I treated other women.

I got introduced to alcohol and drugs early in my life. I met my wife during this time too. We lived the “Once were Warriors” life for twenty years. I was ‘Jake the Muss’ to her. We had all the bad stuff going on. You name it, we were doing it; sexual perversion, alcohol, drugs, violence, crime.

I was on crack, hard. Twenty years addicted to the stuff. I had to have it. P took a lot of my life. I would hustle on the street for it. I was so desperate one night, I spent $500 on a hit - that was our food money and I knew I had done a dumb thing.

The Power to Change my Normal.

October 2016 was the start of my change and I stayed committed to Man Up for two years in a row without any breaks! I gave my life to Jesus and got committed to Destiny Church. I was recruited into positive change. I had nothing before, no focus, no identity. Now I know who I am and what my purpose is as a man and as a husband, Dad and Grand-father.

I joined Man Up in Pukekohe, when it was founded by Elder Turei Marshall. On my first night there were 7 of us, I remember Turei’s words – his passion and words cut to the heart of me. “Who’s in? Who wants change? Who wants to smash those demons that are affecting your life and family?”

We had locked arms and I was crying. I remember shouting out, “I wanna change. I’ve had enough.”

I knew I wasn’t doing anything right by my wife or kids or grand-kids.

I came into Man Up because I had heard about it and was interested. I knew I wanted something to change in my life but didn’t know what it was or how to do it. Bishop Brian’s word was powerful and hit me right to the bone.

Before Jesus, all I brought into my life and family was drugs, alcohol, violence, abuse and perversion. I had to change. I believe that all parents must make that stand for their families. If we don’t, our kids are just going to end up with crap!

Staying the Course.

The thing that have helped me stay on the path and to stay connected is God, my Father. One of the tools I’ve learnt from Man Up is commitment – it is key. I have been challenged to stay the course. To be honest, it’s been the hardest walk in my life; but it’s also been the best.

I’ve been tempted many times to back slide into my old ways. But I’ve stayed true to this new life. I’m focused on being a man of God and a man of integrity. I have decided to work on my family, and to focus on staying planted in Destiny Church.

I am two years free from the pipe and violence. I’ve smashed a lot of demons out of my house. I’m married now, to the same partner I’ve been with for twenty years. We have a better life than what we had two years ago.

My own family (brothers and sister and Mum) can’t stand me because I’ve changed my life. Their words and treatment of me hurts, but I will continue to live this truth because I know what has happened in my mind and heart.

What you Let into Your Home Affects the Atmosphere.

I’ve been training myself to pray hard. It’s like doing weights – sets and reps. I pray at least five times a day now as a regular habit. He has blessed me and answered my prayers. When there is a challenge, that comes to upset the positive atmosphere in myself or my home, I go straight to prayer.

I think Bishop Tamaki is the answer to our people in New Zealand. I have a lot of aroha and respect for him. He is my Apostle and I will follow him. His talk is true to the bone. If it wasn’t for him, I would not be a good man or husband or father or grandfather. I love him.

“I owe my life to him. He broke me and he made me again, new. I love him for that.”

If you want help or even if you don’t even know you need help, you must try the Man Up programme. It has the tools to teach you to be a better person for all those that depend on you. The programme works. Make the stand. what you let into your home, affects the atmosphere.

There’s a cause and purpose for your life, you are important. Plant, connect and commit yourself to God and the house of God. Kia Ora. Kia Kaha. Tu Tangata.

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