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The MVMNT Youth

The Movement Youth Trust
We’re an Auckland-based, charitable trust focused on developing young people in our community into confident, successful and well-rounded individuals.
Through The Movement Youth Trust (The MVMNT Youth), young people have the opportunity to get involved in relevant and dynamic weekly programmes and events, customised around their interests and greater personal development.

Encouraging participation

The MVMNT Youth programme is designed and delivered regularly by a team of young leaders. Events are bespoke in the way they are tailored to a young audience, yet challenging enough to provoke motivation and personal growth in the individual.

The MVMNT Youth events are open to all young people in the community and participation is encouraged in a safe, light-hearted and supportive environment.

Young people are provided with a safe place to speak in confidence with young leaders and mentors passionate about making a positive change in life of the individual and their community.

Inspiring achievement
Friday nights see the group gathering together as a whole – participating in fun activities while building relationships in a constructive and positive environment. Recent events have included:

  • MoveXV: Annual Youth Conference, all 11 youth groups converge

  • MVMNT Unite: 3 nights away camping around New Zealand.

  • MVMNT Launch: Sport, music and a free sausage sizzle the beach

  • MVMNT CampWars: Competitive sports and physical activity

  • MVMNT Awards: Formal awards night to mark individual achievements

Sparking potential
Community involvement is also encouraged. One particular event carried out in late 2014, MVMNT RAK, saw 100 random acts of kindness performed by 100 young people in 100 minutes – becoming recognised as the largest random act of kindness ever performed by young people in New Zealand.
groups they are exposed to a high quality of mentorship that seeks to develop their personal leadership, relational and life skills - encouraging only the best for them and their potential.

Individuals are encouraged to be distinct in the way they contribute to society – that they will be recognised for the value they add to the places and people around them every day.

Love what we do? Let’s connect.

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Please feel free to follow us for details around upcoming events, or to touch base and talk about how you too can get involved.

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