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100 Valley Rd, Whakatane
Ph: 07 3070853 Fax: 07 3070851


Destiny Church Whakatane will impact your life with purpose, direction and love. Walking through the doors of the church you will feel the acceptance and love of God, no matter who you are or where you have come from.

So many individuals and families have been transformed by the power of God in Destiny Church. Not only have their lives changing for the better but their future is looking bigger and brighter.

There is always a buzz happening at the Church; from exciting events to helpful programs for all ages. 

It is our mission as a church to help people improve their lives; Destiny Family & Parenting Centre run programmes to give people the tools to live successful and prosperous lives.

Children and Young adults are also catered for each week with fun, positive activities for them to enjoy. 

The support in Destiny Church is amazing and each week support groups all over the area meet in homes to give assistance and encouragement, these are called ph12 groups.

Each Sunday we gather in mass to be inspired by upbeat music, meaningful worship and encouraging messages from the bible. I can guarantee that Destiny Church will motivate you to want to dedicate your life to God and live for a greater purpose.

We would love to welcome you to join us on a Sunday at one of our Services - you won’t be disappointed!

After every
service the pastoral team is available for anyone who needs prayer and support. Whether you need prayer for your health, a family member, or if you seek Gods comfort during trying times-our Church is here to help you.

God has changed so many people’s lives and they are living testimony that God is real and that Destiny Church is the place to be! Check this real life testimony of someone’s turn around...

“Wow it's been a year to the day since I turned my life around and gave my heart to God and I've gotta be honest man, it's been one of the hardest experiences I've ever faced in my life. The challenges I face on a daily basis now that I'm a Christian, have been at times very hard to face and the old me just wants to let rip, but I now know why that happens it's because I realize now what's right from wrong compared to thinking I was always right no matter what. It's really hard following Gods path compared to the path I've just walked, but I've achieved so much in the last year which tells me I'm on the right path now and I've
come to far to quit now. Former gang member for over 25yrs and I've overcome addictions I thought I'd never overcome that have ruled my life for over 35 years, I'm 46 now and I'm glad I'm free from being a prisoner to those addictions. Addicted to
drug's an alcohol 33yrs since the age of 13, addicted to cigarette's 35yrs since 11yrs old. Come April 13th I've been drug free for a year and off the cigarettes since September 4th for 6 months. What I'm trying to say people is this. It's been the happiest year of my entire life and I'm so grateful to have God in my life now, but its because of one man that made me realize God is real and he's our Pastor from Destiny Church Whakatane Andre Nicholas.... Thank you Pastor.... Have a awesome week people God bless you all” ‪proud2bwithdestiny

And another...

“I have been alcohol and
drug free 10 years to date. I was baptised 2006 if I remember correctly. Gods love is amazing, He is the Father that helps me to see my true me, the one He designed from the beginning. I am unashamed to say that I desire to always walk the Christ like pathway, It is an honor to do so. I would fight every inch of my flesh to remain in Gods wonderful presence. I love who I have become and would never go back to the wretch I once was.”

And another... 

“Made a life changing decision today, yip I'm sick of struggling, battling and fighting LIFE instead
i want to LIVE life. Went to visit Destiny Church and had an awesome two hours there the best Time I have invested in. Putting GOD first for everything time for that big CHANGE and new beginnings. Thank you my friend for not giving up on me to come to church after a year i finally came and proud to say i found a house where i feel comfortable and can see my kids enjoying themselves, moving up and forward for better things.....

"I am the way the truth and the light John 14:6" Ready to give my all to God TRUST in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight. Amen

Service Time:
Sundays 10.00 AM
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