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The ASB Lounge, ASB Leisure Centre, Cnr Western Hills Dr & Kensington Ave, Whangarei

Ph: 09 459 5651

Welcome to Destiny Church Whangarei.

Our Vision is to provide a place in our City that has the answers. We are passionate towards raising the people of Northland to aspire to greater levels through God and to start to fulfil the dreams and desires of their hearts. Through achieving this we have seen the communities of our City and surrounding districts grow stronger making Whangarei a safer and more desirable place to live.

On entry of our Church you will immediately feel the heart of our people. This is the place you want your family. We use what we have in the North (Sun, Beaches) to bring a new perspective of what it means to go to Church. There is never a dull moment with this Church. With family support groups during the week, Men’s and Women’s events every month and programmes for kids and youth weekly there is always something to do. Then if you want to go deeper and tackle the issues of everyday life we have programmes for Successful Parenting, Relationships and Marriages, Overcoming anger and much more.

Personally being born and bred in the rural town of Ruakaka just 30kms South of Whangarei I call this place home. I LOVE IT HERE! Being a local business owner and having a background in sport through Rugby League and wearing the Cambridge Blue and Kauri Tree of the Northland Taniwha I know what it means to be a proud Northlander. My wife Kiona and I have 4 wonderful kids and understand the importance of what it takes to raise children today. With their ages ranging from 4 years to 17 years old we have a wealth of experience as parents and enjoy helping others however we can.  Destiny Church has provided the environment and friendships to make this huge task a lot easier and we are able to overcome any challenges that present with the support of other great families. They say it takes a village to raise a family and my wife and I can personally testify to that.

Northland sadly represents highly in National statistics for unemployment and youth suicide. This is not something we are happy to accept as we believe God and His people at Destiny have the answers to turn this around. An example of one of the many situations our people have overcome in our Church is a young woman suffering from deep depression with what seemed to her to be the end with no way out, and a husband unable to bring a smile to her face. During a Destiny Church Service she felt something she had not experienced before that returned the smile to her face. This was the Power of God and the Holy Spirit. She is today still a faithful member of Destiny Church and has gone on to accomplish one of her lifetime dreams of becoming an Early Childhood teacher.  What we have learnt along the way is there is always an answer in God.

We are a piece of the much larger picture of Destiny Church and we want to provide you with the opportunity in a safe and loving environment for you too to get the help you need.  Just like someone once did for us, we want to instill in you a new hope and inspiration for life. You have a gift and are highly valued by God. We encourage you to come and experience for yourself the transparency and openness of our Church. You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel part of the family. The sooner you come the sooner you get to see God reveal to you your true identity and purpose in life.

Look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Bless ya…

Pastor Robbie & Kiona Johnson

Service Times:
Sundays 10.00 Am And 6:300 PM 
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